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Games to Look Out For: The World of Darkness MMORPG

I’ll go ahead and say it. White Wolf’s tabletop series World of Darkness is one of the best, if not the best supernatural setting of vampires, werewolves, and other creatures that go bump in the night. I’m continually baffled as to how there have been no film, comic, or further videogame adaptations. It’s moody, gritty and rife with conflict but also incredibly rich in history and lore. Most importantly, it depicts vampires as I’ve always imagined them to be: flawed, power hungry, treacherous, backstabbing jerkasses.

Enter the new World of Darkness (WOD) MMORPG currently in development by CCP Games (the folks who brought us EVE Online). Though still early in the production, I’m confident that they’re going to bring some fresh and interesting gameplay to an increasingly tired genre. This will not be your traditional mmo.

News about the game will remain sparse until CCP kicks the project into high gear. Until then, here are some quick points of interest.

Quick Points

  • While other creatures exist in the World of Darkness setting, the mmo will focus on vampiric society. They will be drawing from Vampire: The Masquerade. This version of the tabletop game lends itself better to an mmo. Expect warring sects and clans plotting and scheming for dominance.
  • It will be a sandbox game with all player characters on a single server. Players have lots of freedom to do and be who they want. You wanna be the Prince of the city? You’ll have to fight your way to the top. A single server also opens up the game to the epic moments of player betrayal and power shifts EVE Online is known for.
  • Rumor has it there will be multiple ways to engage with the world when you’re not playing. I’d personally love to see some sort of social network for vampires where players can interact in character for extra role-playing depth.

Here’s hoping we hear more about World of Darkness in 2014!

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